how to get rid of bed bugs for good

7 Best Ways How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs for Good Home Remedies

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Founded in the mid of 20th century, bed bugs give a lot of disadvantages for people. For those who already found information about this insect would tent to find the way of how to get rid of bed bugs for good. As one of the insect bed bugs can live in many places at your house. They have small sizes which allow them to hide everywhere.

People would tend to clean their houses often to make a solution if the bugs would not stay everywhere. Sometimes, the use of chemical treatment might be needed. They are smart animals to hiding in your house and you need to be smarter to get rid of them.

What You Need to Know About how to get rid of bed bugs for good?

how to get rid of bed bugs for good home remedies

Everyone may ask about how to get rid of bed bugs for good?, if you have the same question so you must read this great information.

1. Bed bugs size

All of the bed bugs having small sizes. They are knowing as an oval and brownish insect with their flat body. The thickness of their body may reach as apple seed size. After the bed bugs feeding their selves, their body tends to become red and swell. They are known as the animal that would search for animals or human blood. Since it is easy for them to hide everywhere.

2. Do not fly

If you wondering if bed bugs can fly to move quickly it is not the truth. Bed bugs do not fly but also they are able to move quickly over floors, ceilings and walls.

3. Their reproduction

The female bug could produce hundreds of eggs. However, you need to know that there is nobody can find bed bugs egg with their eyes. They would need help from other tools since the bed bugs eggs sized of a speck of dust.

How to get rid of bed bugs for good on your own

4. Reaching maturity

Every bed bug would have different ages of life. Most of them can be determined by their maturity. The immature bed bugs often called nymphs and required to shed skin 5 times if they want to reach maturity. However, the blood must be their important meals to grow up. They would need one month to reach their productivity. It would happen if there is a favorable condition to grow.

5. Entering your home

Their existence in your home almost undetected. However, there is a lot of possible way to them to enter your house. Including through luggage, beds and couches, clothing and many others. In the other hand, they are the animals with flat body which allow them to fit into a tiny space. Their size almost the same with the credit card width.

6. The way of live

Bed bugs would like to live in groups and trying to hiding in every place. However, there are several hiding places that they might want to stay. You are also need to be able to make sure if you already cleaned up those area. They might hide in mattress, headboards, bed frames, carpets, bed, couch and many other. In those places they can be able to gain access to bite people in the night.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs for good, Read This!

1. Clean every specific area

Clean every specific area from bed bugs

There is a lot of unspotted area in your house that you need to clean up. Including to clean your linens, curtains, and also your clothes. Do not forget to clean the clothes in water with hot and dry temperatures. You can try to use a stiff brush while scrubbing your mattress. It would help you to make sure if their eggs and bed bugs will remove after vacuuming.

2. Vacuuming all of the furniture

Vacuuming all of the furniture for bed bugs

Once you are trying to clean your house make sure if you already vacuum every place. There is a lot of specific area including your mattress, couch, carpets, and other. After you finish with the vacuum, you need to place the vacuum cleaner bag in a plastic try to directly place them in garbage can outdoor.

3. Use zippered cover

Using zippered cover from bed bugs

Today, there is a lot of people who are using a zippered cover for their mattress, couch, and other furniture. This is one of the best ways to kill bed bugs until they would not stay in a specific area. You can try to cover your mattress for a year if you want to make sure the bed bugs inside are already dead.

4. Repair every crack

Repair every crack from bed bugs

There must be an area in your house which having a crack. You can find an answer about how to get rid of bed bugs for good if you can repair every crack. Every crack in your home must be the best places for them to hide. To repair crack, you can use plaster and glue or use any wallpaper.

5. Check other places that you might like to stay

Check every place from bed bugs

Bed bugs would tend to hide in places that is easy to them to find food. That is why, you need to make sure if every common place in your home does not have this insect. This step may include checking to the wall and other area that is possible to them for placing their eggs.

6. Do not believe about the clean house do not have bed bugs

Clean house from bed bugs

The fact that every clean house does not have this insect would never been right. You need to know if bed bugs may exist in every clean house. It is because every bed bug would depend and tend to eat blood. That is why, you might have them in your home without a sign of dirtiness. Most of the hotel rooms would have bed bugs since they do not clean really well every room.

7. Use silica gel

The best method to apply regarding how to get rid of bed bugs for good is to apply the silica gel. You can try to spread this gel in your house. It would be able to block every bed bug and make them not be able to move. As soon as possible the silica gel would work and caused the bed bugs to dehydrate and die.

To get rid of bed bugs you can make sure if you already clean your house really well. The question about how to get rid of bed bugs for good would be able to answer following the steps above. You can try to find places that is possible to any bed bugs to live in your house.

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