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Best 7 Types Jordans Furniture Mattresses You Must Know

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Jordans Furniture Mattresses in one of the simplest choices of furniture. There are many furniture stores that provide the simplest quality of furniture with the simplest services. If you’re trying to find the simplest quality mattress, you’ll pay a visit to Jordan’s Furniture Mattresses.

Jordan’s Furniture is a furniture retailer in New England. In this store, you can find an amazing selection of sofas and sectionals in thousands of fabrics and leathers, the largest selection of dining room, bedroom, kid’s furniture, office furniture, recliners and also mattresses.

Jordans Furniture Mattresses

You can go to Jordan’s Factory with the family to see and experience the feeling of using some of the furniture. You can sleep on the mattresses there to experience and decide which will be the best for you. So here, we will introduce you to the types of mattresses in Jordan’s Furniture Mattresses.

Innerspring Mattresses

An innerspring mattress is made with a steel coil innerspring support system with various foams and fibers on top to provide comfort at the surface. In Jordan’s Furniture Mattresses, this type is very popular.

Memory Foam Mattresses

A memory foam mattress is usually denser than other foam mattresses, making it both more supportive and heavier. Higher-density memory foam softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mold to a warm body in a few minutes. Jordans Furniture Mattresses own many styles of these mattresses with various high prices.


The latex mattress has a great sleeping surface because it offers a lot of the advantages of memory foam type without some drawbacks. Latex has more springs and it is also durable.

Mattresses made from latex have the advantage of being resistant to bed bugs and resistant to bacteria. In addition, the latex mattress is waterproof so it is easy to clean.

Many people look for mattresses made from latex because they are resistant to water. So that this mattress can last a long time. In Jordan’s Furniture Mattresses, you can find these types of mattresses.

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The hybrid mattress is actually the combination of innerspring and memory foam type of mattress. Hybrid mattress typically has the same size coils as an innerspring mattress, but they also use memory foam for support and contouring.

Hybrid allows sleepers to enjoy the perfect blend of sturdy support and contouring comfort. In Jordan’s Furniture Mattresses, you can find it and even try it on the spot to feel the blending sensation.


Natural or organic mattress’ construction materials are made up of natural components such as wool and cotton. A natural mattress is preferable sometimes by people because it is healthy and made of non-toxic materials.

This type of mattress can also minimize your stress and pressure because it molds to your body shape. In Jordan’s Furniture Mattresses, you can find this natural mattress too.


The two-sided mattresses are available in Jordan’s Furniture Mattresses. This type of mattress is quite rare before because it was not popular yet. If you purchase a two-sided mattress, you can turn over and flip it.

The advantage of a two-sided mattress, it is easy to change and does not take up space so that you are freer to position it.

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The kids’ mattresses are designed to be smaller than the usual mattress. There is a various style of this mattress in Jordans Furniture Mattresses.

That is all seven types of mattresses in Jordan’s Furniture Mattresses. Those mattresses are guaranteed to have their best quality since we know that this store has been active for 100 years.

By this point, I hope you can feel the sensation only by reading this or if you want the real thing, you can pay a visit to Jordans Furniture Mattresses.