Best Tips To understand Where Does Bed Bugs Come From and The Way Does One Get Them?

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Bed bugs are a sensible insect that would hide everywhere in your house. However, you would like to be very careful to sit or sleep in several places. You might wonder where do bed bugs come from in your house.

There is a lot of reason why you have this bed bugs in your house. Dirty or clean house does not determine if this insect would not stay in your home. You need to make sure the causes for this insect to stay in your home.

Where do bed bugs come from within the first place

1. Brought by another person

where do bed bugs come from in the first place

There is nobody consider if someone who has visited their house would bring this insect. The bed bugs are little creature which will be ready to hide everywhere including your clothes. Your home might a hundred percent clean but also there are still bed bugs stay in your places. It can be coming from someone whose entering your home and this creature hiding behind their clothes.

2. From someone’s or your suitcase

bed bugs from suitcase

Once you come back after travel, you must bring a suitcase which contains bed bugs. The bed bugs would come after you have visited the hotels to stay on your vacation. You need to realize that the suitcase stays in your home now and you need to clean it up. Checking and cleaning up your clothes if there is a bed bug inside must be able to prevent them to grow up in your house.

3. Come with your pets

bed bugs from pets

Having a pet in your home does not always a good advantage. Every bed bug would try to eat bloods from human and pets. That is why, you need to make sure if your pet does not come inside with this insect. You can try to check to the pet doctor if your pet would have bed bugs in their fur.

How to Find Them Based on Their Characteristic

1. Knowing by their size

bed bugs life cycle

Except to know where do bed bugs come from you need to make sure if you can recognize them. Bed bugs are a small insect that would love to hide in several places. They have an oval shape with brown color and flat body shape. This insect does not be able to fly but can move quickly between floors. With their size, these bed bugs may easily move.

2. Reproduction scale

where does bed bugs come from and how do you get them

Every female bug can produce a couple of eggs. Scientists found that every female may reproduce hundreds of eggs each month. The disadvantages for people that they cannot see the eggs using their eyes. They would need tools to see bed bugs eggs that are the same with a speck of dust size.

3. Maturity process of bed bugs

Maturity process of bed bugs

Bed bugs live would depend on their maturity since most of them has a different stage of life. The nymphs are a name for immature bed bugs. Most of them should be able to shed their skins 5 times to reach their maturity process. On the other hand, human and animal blood still the main food to them. They would need a lot of blood to consume if they want to grow up faster.

4. The way they entering your house

Bed bugs entering house

Most people cannot detect any bed bug existence in their house. Your luggage after traveling often become a reason for this insect to come into your house. They would be able to come with other ways such as your clothes, bed, couches and other. It happened because they have small body that can fit in everywhere. Their size would be the same with a credit card with very small width.

5. Surviving skills

Surviving skills of bed bugs

Every bed bug would live in a group and hiding everywhere in your house. They would have their favorite spot and make sure if human would not touch those part. That is why, you need to make sure if all of the area inside your house is already cleans. No worry to find answer about where does bed bugs come from as long as you can clean all of the untouched spot in your house.

How to Get Bed Bugs Easily?

After knowing where does bed bugs come from, know you need to know how to get bed bugs easily, read this!

1. Clean the untouched spot from bugs

Clean the untouched spot from bugs

Sometimes, you may feel lazy to clean up every spot in your house. That is the reason for bed bugs laying in your house. There is some specific area that bed bugs may like to hide including carpets, curtain, linens, and clothes. You should be able to clean all clothes in the hot water and the dry temperature. Do not forget to use a stiff brush if you want to scrub your mattress.

2. Vacuuming all furniture from bugs

Vacuuming all furniture from bugs

Most people would not vacuum all of the spot in one day. However, it is one of the solutions to make sure if bed bugs would not live in your house. You need to make sure if all of the hiding spot is already clean with vacuum. Some specific area including mattress, couch, carpets, and many other places. after you do vacuum, make sure if you already put the cleaner bag on the garbage outside.

3. Zippered cover for all of your furniture

Zippered cover from bed bugs

You can try to use zippered cover for all of your furniture. Make sure if every place is covered to reduce their reproduction. Sometimes, the bed bugs would die inside of the zippered cover after a year. There is a lot of store providing zippered cover for your couches and bed. It can help you to make sure that you would not bitten by this creature.

4. Do not let the crack open and use silica gel

use silica gel for bed bugs

Checking all of the areas inside your house must be important. It can make sure if there is no crack in your house that would become a place for bed bugs to live. You can try to repair the crack with plaster and glue. After that, you can try to add a silica gel to make sure if the bugs couldn’t survive.

People who are wonder about where does bed bugs come from would not easy to find the answer. However, the main reason is every house would have bed bugs. Since most of this insect were carried from the outside with everything that you take inside. Including your luggage, pets, clothes, and many others.