How Much is A Sleep Number Bed

How Much is A Sleep Number Bed with Adjustable Base Queen Size

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People would buy a sleep number of beds based on their needs. The bed would come with different types and specifications. Once you deciding to purchase a sleep number bed, you might like to know how much is a sleep number bed.

People would have many options based on the bed that they might choose. Since the sleep number bed is known for their best air beds that you can adjust by yourself.

There is a quick push of a button that you can use to inflate or deflate your mattress. People would have a different preference from the softer to firmness setting. The couple might need to purchase this bed with a lot of advantages.

They can sleep with different firmness and air levels on their beds. They can adjust each side for different firmness. With different settings from manual to automatic options.

Sleep Number Bed Remote Description

How much is a sleep number bed remote

1. Control the left and right side

With the sleep number bed, you can control the bed setting based on your comfort. However, the remote control would be able to set everything differently. The first is a description of the left and right options.

You can apply to your bed and your couple bed with different settings. On the remote, there will be two-button which is “L and R”. The “L” use to control the left side and the “R” mean for the right side.

2. Number description

After purchase the sleep number, you need to adjust your bed based on the best firmness. However, to find the best firms on your bed you need to understand about the air pump number.

On your remote, there must be a number in the middle of the screen of your remote. The number will start from 0 to 100 for your bed setting. The higher the number the more air will pumping on your bed.

3. Temperature regulations

On your sleep number bed remote, you must find a temperature regulation for your bed setting. It is one of the smart beds that you can purchase at different prices.

The temperature setting must be better for couples who want to have a comfortable sleep. With different temperature settings, every couple would not need to compromise before sleeping.

How do You Find Your Sleep Number Bed?

How much is a sleep number bed king size

1. Determined after purchasing the sleep number

After you understand how much is a sleep number bed you might want to know how to find your best number. However, while you purchasing a sleep number you can get the best number after your first purchase.

There is no reason to know your best number unleash you try your bed at home. That is why, many people would try to find their best setting after a couple sleep. 

2. Visit the nearest store

You can understand your sleep number bed after you visit the nearest store. There must be a representative walk that would give you a trial to rest on the bed.

This is the best idea for having a trial to enjoy and feel comfortable with the bed. The representative would be able to inflate or deflate the bed to find your comfortable spot.

3. Read the provided instruction

When you already have your sleep number at home you just get the answer how much is a sleep number bed so there must be an instruction that can help you. There must be some steps that you should follow.

The instruction may ask the sleeper to rest on their bed and waking up. As you can try to apply the either soft or firm setting on your bed.  With this method, you can find the best setting to apply.

Bed Construction and Type

1. Classic bed

How much is a sleep number bed king queen

A number of layers would use on your classic bed. If you like to have a firm bed you can try to purchase this type. Which becomes the firmest sleep number bed with a number of layers. You can decide the best bed to purchase after finding the answer to how much is a sleep number bed price below.

2. Performance 360 (smart bed)

how much is a sleep number bed full size

There is a different model to have for this performance of 360 types. This is one of the pillowtop style mattresses to apply with layers design to relieve pressure.

The P5 model would have 2 plush fit foam, and the P6 would have 3 plush fit. This bed would help you to automatically adjust the level of firmness. You can have support for having the best sleep at night.

3. Innovation 360 (smart bed)

how much is a sleep number bed with adjustable base

This series would have duvel-style pillow tops that had a temperature regulation technology. The technology would apply to each layer on the bed completed with smart SleepIQ.

The technology applied for having better sleep to find your moments and automatically adjusting the level of firmness. This might help you to enjoy your sleep without the need to control your bed manually.

How much is sleep number bed?

1. The C2 bed type

For those who want to purchase a classic sleep number bed, this type would be the cheapest bed. It starts the price at $499.99 which used for a twin bed. For a queen and king size, it would start at $1,599.99.

2. The C4 bed type

The twin bed would start its price at $1,299.99 and would be different for the queen and king size starts at $2,299.99.

3. The P5 360 (smart bed)

To purchase this type of bed you need to prepare the budget from $1,799 for twin XL size and $2,799 for a queen or king size.

4. The P6 360 (smart bed)

The price for this type would start at $2,349 for twin XL and $3,399 for the queen or king size bed.

5. The i7 360 (smart bed)

For the twin XL size, this bed would start from $3,099 and $4,199 for the queen or king-size bed.

6. The i8 360 (smart bed)

The smart bed for i8 type would cost $3,099 for the twin XL and the queen or king size would start at $4,199.

With all of the sleep number bed specifications, you can easily decide which sleep number bed you must have. The question about how much is a sleep number bed would be answered after you find your best size.

There is a different type based on your needs which would help you to find comfort. Every sleep number bed can determine your comfort after you purchasing the bed and get your best trial.

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