5 Best Tips On How To Move Heavy Furniture Alone

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How to move heavy furniture alone on carpet or upstair, or downstair? You may have this question too. Moving furniture is sometimes needed for people who want to have a new atmosphere for their home and it is necessary for those who want to move to another house.

Moving heavy furniture can be a tough job because this back-breaking task is very tiresome. The worse is when you move the heavy furniture alone.

Even so, moving furniture alone is not a difficult thing to do. You just need to manage the time as possible so you don’t get tired. You can allocate time to move all the furniture alone.

Many tools that you can use to move furniture alone. Such as carpet, rubber straps, and heavy lifting equipment.

Here, you are going to learn together the tips and tricks about how to move heavy furniture alone.

1. Assess the furniture

How to move heavy furniture alone upstairs

The first thing that you have to do to move heavy furniture alone is to assess the furniture. You should estimate the weigh first and try to lift it.

If you think you can’t do it with your own strength, then you can use some helping items such as sliders. After assessing the weigh, we have to calculate the distance and the route the furniture will be moved.

If you move through the narrow door, you need to arrange the position of the furniture so that it can pass through the door.

After knowing the weigh and the route, we need to assess the fragility of the furniture. If it can break easily, we need to cover the furniture first with clothes and plastic.

2. Use sliders

Moving furniture using slider

When we want to move heavy furniture alone, we need to think about the surface of the floor. It may be slippery, uneven, or sensitive to damage.

Dragging heavy furniture like a cupboard may stretch the floor. Therefore using sliders is the best way to move furniture.

Using the sliders can save you more energy because this trick is the best trick about how to move heavy furniture alone. Put it under the furniture then push and slide. We can also use the carpet as a slider.

3. Reduce the weight amount

How to move heavy furniture alone on carpet

Some furniture may be attached. It is not a bad idea to detach some parts of the furniture to reduce the weigh. For example, a big sofa or couch with attached cushion or pillows.

Removing the cushion and pillow may help you to move the heavy furniture alone and easier. After you move it to the desired position, you can reattach the parts again to the furniture.

4. Moving furniture upstairs and downstairs

Moving furniture upstairs and downstairs

Moving furniture up or down the stairs can be a tricky job if you are alone. You can use two boards as ramps then push it up or down by laying it sideways.

Another trick is to put some cardboard or an old rug beneath the furniture and pull it carefully. By doing that trick, you will be able to move the heavy furniture alone.

5. Kitchen appliances

How to move heavy furniture alone downstairs

It is a special trick to move heavy kitchen appliances like a refrigerator and washing machines. You can spread some dish-washing detergent on the floor.

This way will make the floor slippery and decrease friction. You need to be very careful too not to slip and got crashed with the furniture.

Those are the five tips and tricks about how to move heavy furniture alone. By applying the 5 ways above, you will not have any difficulties when moving heavy furniture by yourself.

Now, I am sure you can try and practice it by yourself whenever you want to move your heavy furniture. But still, be careful and good luck!

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