how to kill bed bug eggs

16 Tips How To Kill Bed Bug Eggs You Must Do Soon

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How to kill bed bug eggs is always asked by everyone. Bugs are parasites mattress should not be left. Their existence reduces comfort during sleep and causes itching. Not only that but it also makes the mattress look dirty and bad smell.

If it finds that the presence of bugs on the mattress, preferably exterminate soon. Because bugs mattress is animals that reproduce easily and can spread to the corners of the house quickly. But, how to kill bed bug eggs? continue to read!

Best way how to kill bed bug eggs

Unaware that the mattress bugs can be found on the mattress. Although not noticeable, the perceived effect may be felt. If you have a mattress that is not cleaned for years, then be careful because the mattress bugs may have fulfilled your mattress. The presence of a cushion of lice can cause diseases, dust, allergies, and more.

It is not necessary to be giddy. There are many ways how to kill bed bug eggs that can be used to eradicate lice mattresses, one of them using the materials around you. The materials are also easy to find and processed.

In order to keep the mattress clean and avoid lice mattress, then you can do the following to remove the lice mattress.

Here are sixteen ways how to kill bed bug eggs you can get rid:

1. Drying Mattress

how to kill bed bug eggs naturally

This is the simple thing how to kill bed bug eggs, but very influential in cleaning the mattress put it down. Sunbeds, pillows, cushions, and blankets in direct sunlight. Before drying, you must move the items in the room so that dust and crushed not spread to other places during the drying process.

2. Rinse with hot water

how to kill bed bug eggs home remedies

Mix warm water with antibacterial soap, then clean the mattress, pillows, and cushions. How to kill bed bug eggs very easy, you just need to dry in direct sunlight.

3. Evaporation

You can use the kettle and then add a small hose and darken along the mattress sutures. also, clean between the mattresses and beds. Try all angles to get hot steam.

4. Sprinkle silica gel

how to kill bed bug eggs with heat

It can be used silica gel to remove the rotten error. This repellent mattress is used by sown to all rooms and mattresses. Therefore, mattress bugs adhering to silica gel and die itself.

5. The kerosene and lime Barus

how to kill bed bug eggs before they hatch

Mixing the kerosene and camphor and then sprinkle in the areas where the mattress bugs. This mixture is potent to kill lice and convenient mattress because the material is easy to obtain. You can apply this way and get a solution on how to kill bed bug eggs easily.

6. Wax

If you have candles at home, it can be used to remove the lice mattress on the mattress. Simply place a candle burning liquid to the gap where bugs are. Budget, it can adapt to the needs and the area of ​​the mattress. This naturally is effective enough to eradicate lice mattress.

7. Insecticides

how to kill bed bug eggs in clothes

You can spray the bug spray to eradicate bed or mites. Choose an insecticide with a poison that is not too severe. Mattress eradicates lice in this way is quite handy. To do this, you can spray until the hatching of the eggs of lice bed.

8. salt

how to kill bed bug eggs use salt

Mix the salt and water and insert it into the spray bottle. Then spray the mixture on the mattress and other areas of the mite. The mixture is quite simple on how to kill bed bug eggs and certainly can easily be done at home.

9. Vinegar

how to kill bed bug eggs use vinegar

Vinegar is one of the ingredients That is multifunctional. How to kill bed bug eggs you can simply spray the vinegar on a bed of nesting. Then the mattress bugs and eggs die quickly. Vinegar does not have to mix the water of this one ingredient. Simply move the spray bottle.

10. Durian Fruit Peel

how to kill bed bug eggs by durian

After enjoying the durian, then discard the shell. Durian is one best way how to kill bed bug eggs naturally. Durian rind can be used to eradicate lice rotten mattress mattresses. The acrid smell of the fruit of the Durian Peel can help eliminate dust mites. The road is quite simple to put on the skin of durian in bed tick.

You can use the mattress cleaning service to remove the lack-mattress elusive. Durian not only good fruit, but Durian skin can also be used to expel lice mattresses.

It is only necessary for the nests middle of the bed tick. The acrid smell of skin durian eradicates the pest. Therefore, do not remove the skin after consuming durian fruit

But if used in this way, your room is also filled with the smell of the Durian.

11. Utilizes a mixture of kerosene and camphor

You can also use kerosene and camphor. This is very convenient and the material is very easy to obtain. So, how to kill bed bug eggs is simple using this way.

Combining the two ingredients, put in a bottle deer, and then spray all corners are bugs mattress. Guaranteed, the lice will soon die mattress and mattress is released from it.

12. Uses saltwater mixture

Another simple mixture is also easy to make is a mixture of water and salt.

Although simple, this mixture has been shown to eradicate the mattress bugs effectively nested in the mattress.

Pour the mixture into the spray bottle and sprayed it with the mattress bugs thoroughly.

13. Vinegar Squirting

This is certainly one of the ingredients in your kitchen. It is a reliable seasoning to add acidity of foods.

Not only for food, but vinegar can also be invoked to eradicate lice mattress. This are good tips on how to kill bed bug eggs.

Simply move the vinegar to a spray bottle and spray it on the nests of bugs. No need to mix with water.

14. Sprinkled silica gels

Silica gels are porous granules made synthetically from sodium silicate. You can get this information with the purchase of certain items, such as shoes, bags, or dry food.

If you have it, do not be thrown away. Silica gels can be used to eradicate lice mattress. Sprinkle through the room and the mattress, mattress bugs sticking to this gel and die itself.

But if you have a small child or caring for a pet at home, do not use this way. Because dispersed silica gels can be swallowed by them. Silica gels should not be taken as it can cause dehydration.

15. Fluid Wax Shed

Candles are not only being saviors when the lights dead. You can also save bugs of the mattress.

How to kill bed bug eggs using these tips?. You just need to burn the wax and liquid stripped of its mattress bugs.

16. Squirting drugs Insect repellent

The mattress lice can also be washed with insect repellent or insecticide. This liquid chemical is specifically made to eradicate insects.

However, you should choose a mosquito repellent or an insecticide that is not too severe. Because you spray it on the mattress that converts into a bed.

That’s sixteen easy ways how to kill bed bug eggs. However, if you want to eradicate lice mattress further and, of course, you can also use a mattress cleaning service from bugs mattress.